Credit Groups
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Federation of Credit and Financial Professionals (FCFP) extends members the opportunity to participate in industry trade credit groups that enable the exchange of information specific to shared customers. Members may participate in and benefit from both virtual and traditional credit groups. 

Virtual Credit Groups – enable online access to tens of millions of trade data records on millions of companies organized into industry-specific credit networks. Trade data is relevant and timely and available online through Credit2B's exclusive technology platform which can be accessed from anywhere in the world where internet access is available. Gain access to trade references, member alerts, ratings changes, payment scores, comprehensive reports, cash flow gap analysis and industry benchmarking.

Traditional Credit Groups – offer face-to-face interaction and discussion regarding shared customers. More than 35 such groups are facilitated by FCFP. Click here to view a list of existing industry credit groups, and more industry groups are being formed every day.

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